AUT Degree

The Automotive Manufacturing Technology degree is designed to prepare students for employment and advancement in the fast-growing field of automotive manufacturing. Positions exist both in the automotive manufacturing plants and also in the many supplier organizations statewide. The skills taught are highly portable and transferable to other sectors which demand high-tech, Multi-Skilled abilities in automated manufacturing. Greater automation will boost demand for Multi-Skilled technicians who service and repair the robots and automated systems essential in manufacturing.

 Automotive manufacturing skills are diverse in that a higher level of robotics, work ethics, problem solving, and quality control are demanded by industry. The Multi-Skilled technician is responsible for setup, installation, troubleshooting, repair, and testing of complex mechanical, electrical, and robotic equipment including automatic machines, process controls, motor control centers and related controls, computer control systems as well as basic plant electrical equipment. this includes preventative maintenance activities related to production equipment, machinery, and components.

Students completing this degree may seek employment with companied such as Honda, Hyundai, International Diesel, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, or over 350 automotive suppliers that have flooded the state of Alabama. As the economy grows, the demand for qualified Multi-Skilled employees will increase. The average full-time annual wage for a Multi-Skilled technician is $27,000 - $51,500*.

Typical Automotive Manufacturing Technology Degree Requirements Actual Classes vary by Institution.

AUT Degree Curriculum

+Data received from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2006-2007 edition and In Demand, Careers in Advanced Manufacturing, Issue 3.



CARCAM Mission: 

CARCAM responds to rapid advanced manufacturing sector growth by establishing and implementing innovative methods to develop a highly-skilled, diverse technical workforce and provide state-of-the-art professional development.

Who Are We?

The CARCAM consortium is one of 42 regional National Science Foundation ATE Center’s. We are educating today’s workforce in cutting–edge technology. Our curriculum is specifically designed and developed with input from business and industry and implemented in today’s highly advanced technical manufacturing industry. 


With the skills learned at CARCAM colleges, Students are ready for today's top manufacturing technology careers.



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